How to register a private limited company

Private Limited Company, is one of the  most popular legal entities for businesses, which is selected by  a large number of prospective entrepreneurs who plans to build a scalable business unit.   Start-up companies and other  growing companies chose it,considering the advantage of its funding flexibility from outside parties, limits the liabilities of promoters or shareholders to a minimal level, and also has the highest credibility considered to partnership firms and sole proprietorship business. The structure of the private limited company also enables  to offer employee stock option plans to attract and retain top talents in the organisation. The availability of public documents on  Ministry of Corporate Affairs official website about the company and its directors helps the external parties like investors, suppliers, contractors. service providers and service offering parties etc to know more about the company which has increased the credibility of private limited companies.

An average of 10000 companies are registered in Kerala,Karnataka and Tamilnadu states every year and out of which, we have successfully registered 5% to 10 % of the total number of companies registered on an yearly basis for the past nine years. We have bagged the largest number of happy customers and registered hundreds of private limited companies, mostly small and medium level companies in these states.

The following are the steps/procedures for company registration as per the new  Companies Act 2013

  • There should be minimum 2 directors required for a private limited company.
  • Every company should have at least one resident director
  • Directors Identification Number (DIN) has to be obtained for the proposed directors of the company
  • For DIN, every person who is planning to become a director should have PAN Card and a valid ID proof like Passport/ Voters ID/ Driving License.
  • The documents of NRI directors has to be attested at the Indian consulate of the country in which the directors resides.
  • Digital Signature will be taken in the name of all the persons who are the proposed directors of the company
  • Once DIN & Digital signatures are ready, Application for company name will be made to the Registrar Of Companies in INC-1.
  • The Registrar of the Companies ( ROC) will check and approve the name application with in a period of 3 to 5 working days.
  • Official documents of the company like Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association etc are prepared at this stage and signed by all the promoters of the company.
  • The signatures of persons residing in India in the documents like MOA, AOA, and other affidavits will be attested by chartered accountants/ Company Secretaries.
  • The Indian Consulate should attest the signature of NRI directors in Memorandum and Articles of Association and other affidavits and documents
  • The Registered office address with proof of address has to be given at this stage.
  • Once all the above documents are ready e-forms like INC-7, INC-22, DIR-12 etc are prepared and attested by chartered accountants/ Company Secretaries.
  • E-forms will be uploaded and fees and stamp duty will be paid online.
  • After scrutinizing the documents, ROC will issue the Incorporation Certificate.

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